Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band


All The Single Ladies

Another crazy weekend down. We couldn’t believe the record we set while seeing how many kids we could fit on our stage wih us. I’m pretty sure that I lost count half way through “It’s Tricky.”

Friday night at BenFest was a total blast! We all got a bit lucky with the awesome weather, and the energy was over the top. Even all the shorties were dancin’ from the beginning to end! Thank you, thank you!

…and Freeport, I wanted to personally thank the crazy who decided to chuck their beer on stage. I’ve never had a shower that felt so good! :) Logan’s Bar is always a sure throw down. That was one of the greatest welcomes we’ve had in a minute.

Check the pics from that back parking lot HERE. Keep an eye on our schedule and come join the party near you! We are always down to clown.

Now, let’s all take a minute and admire the text I got this morning.

Thank You, Chicago!


You braved the typical July tundra and the fog …where are we, London?… and repped at the Beer Garden @ Navy Pier last Wednesday night – along with a busload of our homies from Indiana. This is why we couldn’t call it until our keys were gettin’ wet UNDER the tarps. True dedication right thurr. Thank YOU.

Saturday night went down without skippin’ a beat, except for when the Fly Girls bounced the stage so hard it rocked Shor T’s turntable.  We brought on our Extremely Worthless Posse, and they couldn’t even keep up with the crowd that came to throw down with us. Taste of Lakeview is always one of our favorites because of that. Next up in Chicago… Summer on Southport this Saturday at @8:00 on the Main Stage!

If you haven’t yet, keep up with the crew on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@toowhitecrew).  Each of these links will keep you in the know with Too White Crew and all of our backstage clownin’ with and around each other.

Speaking of “know”…if ya don’t, now ya do!