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Our upcoming calendar boo.


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2017 Feb-April

We gon’ have an Eazy E-ster fo sho!

We’re taking the holiday weekend off but then we’re back with all new flava for Champaign & Rockford! Click on the below Facebook events and add your bad self if you’re going. Don’t forget to invite your homies!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.15.47 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.18.23 AM

Rock. Yeah. Ford. Yeah. Boling. Yeah. Brook. Yeah.

Giovanni’s in Rockford Friday and Tailgater’s in Bolingbrook Saturday?! We like it a lohht.

Come see DJ Shor T’s final weekend before she takes some time off to kick breast cancer right in the thingy. You can follow her most unique and brave journey here. She’ll be back soon though so just go order a bowl of soup du jour and don’t you worry. In the meantime, we’re going to bring you some from fresh new tunes and feature P.Tugz on the mic and keys! Oh, and we’re bringing DJ McFly with us all the way from Peoria to turn this mutha out.

For more upcoming dates, click on our Shows tab and  follow @toowhitecrew on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for more nonsense!

Peoria & Rockford back-to-back? OUUUUUUCH!

6/13 WEATHER UPDATE: In the event of rain, there is a full set up waiting for us inside at the BMO Center down the street so it’s on rain or shine!


Wow, was this a booking blunder. Peoria hangovers usually go 36-48 hours and the average Rockford hangover is 24-36 hours. Having these shows scheduled on consecutive nights is like mixing booze with Vicodin. This won’t end well. But let’s find the positive:

This is what the Peoria riverfront looked like last June…

We hope that the good people of the 309 will help us shatter the attendance record Friday night. Again. To assist in this effort, KISS-FM will be reppin the night, Big D is coming to town to MC the show, DJMcFly will light the match and the Dopestylez bboy crew will put on the halftime show. Then we head to Crusens on the ‘Farm immediately afterwards because, grape bombs. Check out last year’s pics on Facebook or Flickr.

Then Saturday night…

Rockford. And here’s what THIS mess looked like last year…

FIVE BARS teamed up last year to bring Rockford the FIRST EVER Rockford street party where drinks are allowed on the street ’til 2am! Thousands showed up. And they’re about to make the same mistake twice. Their loss, your gain. Don’t miss it – especially ’cause you might end up being the only one in Rockford who does. And that would kinda suck, wouldn’t it? Our homies The Personnel open the night at 7:00, Sidewalk Chalk is on at 8:30 and we hit at 10. The outside stage is on State and Main in downtown Rockford, between District and Kryptonite. Doors at 6; minors can’t go in the restaurants/bars after 10PM. But that’s not all! The Personnel have a late night set at District and Sidewalk Chalk’s late set is at Kryptonite. And we’ll be bouncing between the two. Check out last year’s pics on Facebook or Flickr.


I think I’ve finally recovered from the triple-header this past weekend. Yes, at 2:30pm on a Monday afternoon…better late than never, right? The crew got to party at three of our favorite places, and we even got to see our buddy, (Miggida)3 Matt, throw down one last “Slim Shady.”

The new stage at 115 Bourbon St proved it’s worthiness. A Colt was poured, a fly girl slipped, I drank a beer that was left unattended on the bar – sorry about the lipgloss, dude – and those new lights and that video screen blew everyone’s minds! Luckily, no one was bruised, severely injured, or scarred.
That being said, we’ll go ahead and break the news now: Too White Crew will be back at Bourbon St. on Friday, October 31st. Yes, ON HALLOWEEN. Start planning your costumes and get your game faces on, cause they don’t mess around when it comes to their costume contest.

Rockford!! You guys… GEEZ! YOU. GUYS. Giovanni’s went off without skippin’ a beat. We get some of the greatest welcomes every time our intro hits, and from start to finish, every person in the room stays on their feet. Big Al’s birthday party off of stage right was also goin’ down. Al, the Crew thanks you for all the amazing food before every show, and the incredible hospitality you’ve shown us through the years, and of course for allowing us to trash the banquet room every couple months.

Saturday night, we returned to Chicago and really got crazy at Joe’s on Weed St. After Mayweather went in for the win, the crew took the stage and went in for the kill. Chi-town, ya’ll never disappoint. After a few shots at the bar, after a few cases of beer and bottles of vodka and a few pizzas, we decided it was time for more shots, beers, and 40s (not quite another pizza, but it still gives you the workout). We kept the party jumpin’ nonstop from 11-1:30 and I’m pretty sure that in that time, I never saw an empty cup or bottle. Way to go, kids! That’s called keeping up! :)

The crew is taking this coming weekend off. It’s time to regroup. But still keep in touch with us, on Facebook. And don’t forget to post your pics from the party on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew / #toowhitecrew).
Meanwhile, cheers to YOU! We all survived the weekend. Let’s get ready for the winter.


This weekend was IN. SANE.

We played a killer private party Friday night at the Chop Shop in Wicker Park for some of our favorite high-rollers. It included a cameo performance of Ron Jeremy (yes, you heard me THE Ron Jeremy) on his harmonica rippin’ a badass “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Tell me if your dreams wouldn’t have been fulfilled after that. Seriously.
I’m afraid if I get too into detail about what else went down that night, it’d be going against the sanctity of it being a “private” event. 😉

Saturday night, we got to tear it up with our Rockford peeps @ Cherry Valley Days. This is one of my new favorites, because ya’ll really knew how to make us feel like rockstars. Your energy is what keeps us going on muggy nights like that one. Thank you, thank you.

I’m gonna get back to my sabbatical now. But before I do, check out this teaser of evidence from this weekend’s throw down:

Guess What Day It Is.

Yup! It’s Wednesday. It’s an awesome day in Chicago and I’m about to hit the pool. Before I do, I’m reminding all of you guys about the stuff we’ve got going on this weekend so plans can continue to be made. 😉

Friday night we’re gonna be ballin’ with the best of ’em. The party we’re crashin’ is gonna be SO badass, that we can’t even tell you where it’s at. All I can say is that we can’t wait to get there.

Saturday, we bring the noise to Cherry Valley Days. That means you, Rockford peeps. When we hit at 10pm, you know it’s on. AAAAAAND it’s ALL AGES – bring the kids! They’ll love that we don’t even start until after bedtime.

Also, another upcoming weekend means you’ve got a couple more days to make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew); and join the crew on Facebook. You’ll see all sorts of the behind-the-scenes craziness that we don’t get to share with everybody.

Sidenote: if you’re having a drag-assy kind of week, here’s something you should remember.

A Quick Weekend Recap

Too White Crew wants to give a huge shoutout and crazy props to everyone who came to Castaways and the 2Block Party in Rockford this weekend! We love the warm welcomes and the climbing over each other to get a taste of our MD 20/20. While in Rock Vegas, we also got a chance to see an amazing original band from Chicago called Sidewalk Chalk. Wow. If you ever get the chance to see them, treat yourself. :)

Here’s a look at Saturday night in Rockford…  Party on, party people!

Beach Ready…

Too White Crew is making our annual return to CASTAWAYS at North Ave Beach in Chicago with the Chicago Sport & Social Club.  If you don’t have your tickets yet, WHATCHU WAITIN’ FO’?!  Reserve them hereThe tickets include a THREE HOUR drink package, and some extra time to mingle before we take things over!  It’s a scene man — plenty of genetically engineered bodies leftover from playing beach volleyball all day…to extra fly ladies who are all dolled up to go to the clubs afterwards. Our after party is at McGee’s on Sheffield & Webster, where you can either be in beach attire or all dolled up. No one cares there. About, like, anything.

Rockford, we’re comin’ strrraaaaiiight atcha!  We are hitting this insane downtown 2 block party.  You heard us…

Come party with the crew on the street until 2am – we promise you won’t get caught!  We will be slammin’ the stage between District and Kryptonite.  Here’s where you can can get the 411 and buy tiks! Stay with us on Twitter for info on where we’ll be after the show.

Hope you’re all ready, cause we are!

We also hope this dude don’t mind if we borrow him for a minute: