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This week in TWC…

Drink like nobody’s watching.
Dance like it’s not gonna be posted.
Live like bail will be set low.
Love like you didn’t just meet at a Too White Crew show.

This Fri., 5/12 @ Joe’s Live in Rosemont, IL – 10:00PM
This Sat., 5/13 @ 115 Bourbon St. in Merrionette Park, IL – 10:30PM


TWC opening for Biz Markie in Dallas!

We finally get to mess with Texas again! We haven’t had a public show in Texas in almost 8 years, so we can’t wait for our return to the Longhorn state!  We’ll be at the House of Blues in Dallas Friday, Sept. 30th, sharing the stage with Biz Markie, then Saturday, Oct 1st, we’re on at Cedar Street in Austin at 9:00 right in the thick of Austin’s ACL (“Austin City Limits”) music festival! Please share this with your homies in Texas!  And click on the image below to add your bad self to this FB event!

Biz Markie and Too White Crew

NEW! New is good. 

We’ve got two new fests this weekend! This means plenty of WTF faces and grown ups dusting off dance moves that they thought were closeted forever (“fo’evuh, fo’evuh evuh?”). Friday’s show is at the Forest Park Music Fest and will be “all ages appropriate” so it’s shorty friendly. It’s right on Roosevelt Rd. and we’re on the east stage from 8-10PM. We’ll be heading to Doc Ryan’s to throw down after the show.


Saturday night is gonna snap like Rice Krispies. Plainfield always shows us mad love and now we’re playing their annual summer bash. Our homies the Modern Day Romeos are opening for us and we’re all wrecking shop in the beer garden. Which means it’s not all ages. Which means we get to throw DOWWWWWWWN. After party at MoeJoe’s!

Here’s what $10,000 of Salt-n-Pepa tickets looks like…

And the tiks are coming our way Saturday night to be given away at our Wrigleyville Summerfest show! Joe’s on Weed St. wanted to sponsor our after party and it just so happens that Salt-n-Pepa will be performing right when we get there?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. So you can either pay $39 on or be in the know by coming to our show from 8-10, where we will be GIVING them away – one ticket per person. The only thing you have to do is push it real good with us at the fest from 8-10PM – on Seminary, just north of Belmont) and give us your email address so we can send you our bi-monthly emails. That’s it.

This Fri. @ Fat City in Champaign and Sat. @ Crusens in Peoria!

Retro on Roscoe this Saturday at 8:00!

Maybe you need a refresher course!

Keenan Cahill and Too White Crew — coming soon to YouTube near you!

So Too White Crew blew out the Windows at a Microsoft party last week and had the opportunity to have a special guest on our stage — Keenan Cahill, the YouTube lip sync dude who has almost a half BILLION views on his channel.  He performed a MegaMix with our Fly Girls, then got up on our stage to lip sync Ice Ice Baby with us.  We’ll be posting the videos soon.  In the meantime, here are a couple shots of us with our new homey.

Too White Crew & Keenan Cahill

Too White Crew Fly Girls with Keenan Cahill

Winter Music Fest III at Uncle Fatty’s!

We’re proud to be back at Uncle Fatty’s 3rd annual Winter Music Fest, Wednesday, January 25th.  The fest is packed with a metric ton of bands and DJ’s during the fest.  We’ll go on around 10:30 and play until something of importance breaks or until the poh-poh roll up, whichever comes last.

Thanks WORLD!

Much love to the 2000+ people around the globe who tuned in to see Too White Crew and make history by being the first streamed concert over the internet in full 1080p HD!  It’s truly groundbreaking technology that represents the future of  concerts and artist revenue.  Tours, record sales, CD sales, merch, music videos, downloads have all been game changers and now streaming concert tickets sales with HD production is next.  We’re proud to have been the band selected for the “experiment” that you’ll be seeing much more of in the near and distant future.

We had amazing feedback from Australia, London, South Africa, Germany, Canada and even Japan, including tour managers from arena-filling artists, so thank you thank you thank you!

The footage is being prepared for OnDemand viewing and we’ll certainly provide the link when it’s ready!

TWC FAQ #394 — “Does Too White Crew Do Weddings?”

Gonna throw this out there because we get asked this a lot and since we’re not a band that markets ourselves to the wedding industry, this is the only online info we have about having Too White Crew at a wedding. In the event you’ve found this blog because you searched for one of the tags we used in this blog, check out our website to see who we are and what we do so that the below blog makes better sense. If you’ve come here because you’re a TWC fan and are interested in having us at your wedding, please read on.

The short answer is yes, we do perform at weddings. We actually get asked to do dozens every year, BUT, we limit our wedding performances to only a couple a season because summer time is festival season for us so depending on the date of the wedding, the future bride & groom might have to come up with an unusually thick stack of c-notes to get us away from the fests. At the end of the day though, we’d still end up costing less than the big wedding bands in Chicago, and we’ll definitely send guests home with more memories!













“Oh Dear, what will Aunt Edna say when she hears that rap noise at your wedding?” Don’t worry. First of all, Aunt Edna probably won’t even hear us because we start with a DJ — and even if she sticks around long enough, she’d end up hearing the same old school songs that any wedding band with half a clue plays these days (like Bust a Move, Ice Ice Baby and Rappers Delight) — only we actually sound legit playing them and give an entertaining visual spectacle while playing them.

The real irony is that traditional wedding bands and orchestras these days are now playing more current hip hop and R&B like Beyonce, Rihanna and Kanye West, which has way worse lyrics than anything we do. I mean who are we kidding when wedding bands play Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” by replacing “F*ck” with “Forget”?  Is Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” or Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” any more appropriate than Rump Shaker or Da Dip? The lyrics of some current wedding reception hits make the lyrics in Let’s Talk About Sex seem like a Disney song!

When Too White Crew performs at weddings, we have a DJ start the night with the typical music young couples need to appease their older relatives and to perform all the traditional events like introductions, the couple’s first dance, father/daughter dance, etc. but then when it’s time to kick it into high gear later in the night, TWC bum rushes the stage so your guests can brush off their best running man, cabbage patch and the roger rabbit.

Feel free to view our song list, but do so with the understanding that it’s our master list — not a master of list of songs that we would play at a WEDDING, so when you see Because I Got High or Thong Song, you don’t need to worry about us slipping those (and others) into your wedding day. We also do a very different show at weddings than we do in a club: 1) There’s no swearing — even suggested phrases get altered, 2) we begin with all the harmless mainstream hip hop anthems so that the Gangster’s Paradise and the Gin & Juice’s are late in the night (if you even want them at all) 3) we put a governor on the Fly Girls’ twerkin’ 4) we all wear extra fly, black & white warm up suits and all the girls’ 6-packs are covered (that is, unless you want the half shirts!) and 5) we perform in and out of the DJ as needed to be sure the dance floor stays packed. We’re not divas either, so we’ll roll with the vibe of the party. There’s no “45 min on, 15 min off” buuhlsheeeit in dealing with TWC.

The best thing about having us at a wedding may not even be our dope playlist or the stage show. It’s what we do to customize elements of the show to the bride & groom so that the show is unforgettable. Whether it’s giving gag gifts like a delicious forty of Colt 45 to the bridal party, having the bride take a pull of Boone’s Farm for an extra fly photo op…or gathering stories about friends and family in advance of the wedding so we can clown about them on the mic — we bring everyone together and make them laugh. We’re regularly told that we MADE the wedding.

Wanna take it this madness to another level? You can also theme out our performance with dookie chains as the bridal party gift – given out right before we start…and imagine when the waiters come around to the bridal party’s table, asking what wine they’d like and the choices are a 2017 Strawberry Hill or Blue Hawaiian? The party has clearly begun. All the themed elements (we have many more) don’t make the wedding any less formal or elegant. We’ll leave that to the actions of your guests, like when your uncle starts doin’ the worm.

So whoomp there it is. Are we a wedding band? Heeeal naw. Do we rock at weddings though? Pffft, does Warren G regulate?

Word to your mutha-in-law