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Elle Hoodz


Elle Hoodz

Otherwise known as: Alex

Birthday: August 31st

Hometown: Dwight

Current City: Naperville

TWC roles: Keyboard, vocals, guitar, bass

Working On: not giggling when I hear a dirty word

I Stay At Home To Watch: adorable dog videos on Facebook

Worst Childhood Memory: wearing gold satin pants with purple crocs

Personal Heroes: My parents and Gordon Bowker (founder of Starbucks)

May Have Seen/Heard Me: trying to embarrass my friends in public

Nobody Knows: I practice my model walk in my living room while watching America’s Next Top Model

I’ve never been able to: raise one eyebrow

My fantasy is: to own a tortoise

People who knew me in high school thought I was: My brother’s little sister

My most irrational act: Taking a physics class

Pigout food: Anything with cheese – P.S. I’m lactose intolerant

When I’m not working, I’m: learning things

If I’ve learned one thing in life: if you can’t be yourself, be yonce.

Three words that best describe me:  coffee, work, repeat

Favorite book:  all of them

Best time of my life:  Any time I am making music or petting animals

Hobbies:  Music, learning, shopping, coffee, dogs





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