Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Hot Wheelz



Otherwise known as: Yvonne, Yve

TWC Role: Fly Girl

Birthday: March 22

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL


Current home: Des Plaines, IL

Working on: My new dance moves…and makin’ that paper to buy me a new moped! VROOM VROOM!

I stay home to watch: Bachelor or Bachelorette, So you think you can dance….and anything on the Food Network

Worst childhood memory: My parents leaving the basement door open and me tumbling down the stairs in my tumbler…and not just once…twice! Maybe that explains me a lil better….:

Personal heroes: Salt and Pepper…they taught me how to shoop!

You may have seen or heard me: cuz I’m kind of a big deal….

Nobody knows I’m: a nerd….Love going to school!! Learn learn learn….

I’ve never been able to: do the middle splits…I just don’t go that way!

My fantasy is: to win the lottery and NEVER have to worry about money ever again!

If I could change one thing about myself: I’d wouldn’t wanna be such a BEOOTCH!!!

People who knew me in high school thought I was: ya know…pretty cool, but definitely not a Too White Crew fly gurl! They’re besides themselves when they see me now!

My most irrational act: well…i’m gonna keep those to myself thank you very much

Pigout food: chips and GUAC!!! is there a better food then guacamole???? come on now….

When I’m not working, I’m: at the gym getting swole n’ tight…

If I’ve learned one thing in life: You can’t change anyone and if you’re not happy with yourself then there’s no one else that can make you happy!

The three words that best describe me: Strong, hard-working and fun!





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