TWC knows how to bring it for every audience and age group from 8 to 80. So whether you want a family friendly show or something too hot to handle, TWC always brings down the house.

TWC Heat Index

What is it?

The TWC Heat Index was created so festival and party organizers can customize their entertainment experience without compromising the fun. It provides some ‘humorous’ details on different types of performances such as all ages shows.

Perfect for Groovalicious festivals, private parties, weddings, and events where kids and grandma’s are present but they still want to shake it and have fun. Song selection and lyrics are adjusted accordingly.

The Party’s Goin’ Strong and the dance floor is thumpin’ but we still keep things tame enough for most folks. Song selection and lyrics are edgy and fun but won’t make you blush (maybe just a little).

You better grab hold of something – it’s about to get Red Hot and Ridiculous up in here! Song selection and lyrics are uncensored and lighthearted for grown folks who want to loosen up and get wild.

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